The Art program is focused on the individual development of your artistic skills and processes. In the new gallery district around Trafalgar you will get a studio space with 24X7 access where you can work on your own art projects. Every day you will have classes by one of our artists and a personal mentor will have a weekly tutorial with you to optimize your artistic development.

During your stay we organize group shows and join events to give you the opportunity to show your work to a larger audience.


  • develop and select a strong portfolio
  • discover your artistic motivations
  • take part in events and exhibitions in Barcelona
  • formulate and verbally express your art more accurately and in a contemporary context
  • find your working rhythm and working process
  • orientation in the art world
  • find ways how to give your creativity a place in your life

Program contents

  • weekly tutorial in your artistic process by your mentor
  • a studio space downtown Barcelona with 24X7 access
  • workshops by our artists 4 or 5 times a week
  • group meetings with your peer students guided by an artist
  • access to art documentaries or films that fit your interest (from our >700 collection)
  • visit events, galleries and museums
  • exhibit in our exhibition space downtown Barcelona

Practical information

The program can be followed for a minimum of two months. You can also start every first Monday of each month.

The program structure is as follows:

  • all weekdays from 10.30 – 13.00 art classes by our artist team in various disciplines
  • a weekly tutorial with your mentor
  • you will have a key to the studio, so you can work 24X7 on your art
  • exhibitions are a great experience to show your work to a larger audience and are organized regularly

We offer scholarships for our students depending on their learning objectives. You find an overview of prices and scholarships on the website. Materials for the workshop are provided. Materials for individual projects can vary a lot in price and are therefore on your own account. You can also follow the same program with Spanish classes, for €225 per month extra.

If you want to apply to the course you send us an email with your personal data (full name, date of birth, current address & some images of your work if available), a brief motivation and the preferred time of stay in Estudio Nómada. We can also call you to explain how our program works in more detail. Please let us know where you live (in terms of time zone) and which days suit you and we will schedule a call.

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