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I studied at Estudio Nómada for two months, and I achieved more in that short time then I could have ever thought possible. Under the priceless guidance and support of ArnoutIris and the other inspiring teachers, I managed to put together a successful solo exhibition in the studio’s gallery space and sell one of the main paintings of the show. (Shan Crosbie, Australia)

Never thought my first ever solo exhibition and performance would be in Barcelona.  Thanks to the free spirit of Estudio Nómada, I was able to passionately experiment with my life, art and self. (Winston Lau, Hong Kong)

As a girl of seventeen I went to Barcelona, without knowing what to expect. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to become an artist. I knew that I was not yet ready for art academy and thus I didn’t know what kind of education to do. Estudio Nómada helped me to give more insight in what I wanted and prepare me for art academy, where I got accepted after my time in Barcelona. (Dewi Brouwer, The Netherlands)

I walked through the gothic city part and I felt attracted to some open doors, with some graffiti outside and interesting sculptures inside. Estudio Nómada, I was impressed by everything. The friendliness and this inspiring ambience. Some days later, I was already in. Over the period of one year I made social contacts, inspirations and colleagues in Barcelona. The nomadas are open, curious and powerful people. They gave me the warm feeling to have some kind of family and reliable environment far from home. (Alexandra Richter, Germany)

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