Estudio Nómada presents Time Is On Your Side as part of the Loop Festival for video art.

Time Is on Your Side, in conjunction with the Loop 2017 theme of ‘winding the clock back’, paradoxically engages with themes of future existence and societal evolution. While the artists exhibited explore their own relationship with time, the show seeks to locate the role of the artist within a future civilisation dominated by artificial intelligence. The status of creatives in such a world is considered, and their incremental increase in value is predicted. How can a profession so human in nature ever be entirely recreated by robotics? The exhibition celebrates humanity’s ability to express, working in collaboration with, rather than against, technology. The future may be a state of flux and uncertainty, yet for the artist, time is on your side.

Open to public 23-25 May, and then by appointment only
Opening night 23 May 6-10pm


Jeffrey Bennet Allen
Carmel Meir
Snow Yunxue Fu
Finn E. Bugge
Paraskevi Papagianni
Gijsje Mulder
Yulia Babanova
Fari Islam
Myrthe Gooij
Zeina Salama
Lotus Rooijakkers
Victoria Vix
Catalina Quintana
Maria Sel
Andrea Lugo Trullenque
Martin Kámen and Jiří Matoušek

Anna Beketova
Arnout Krediet

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