In 2007 visual artist Iris Tonies and writer and entrepreneur Arnout Krediet, sailed their ship around Europe to dock in Barcelona. They created an artist co-working studio and exhibition space for international artists. Here Iris took a mentor student under her wing preparing her for art school. This first project attracted attention by the Life Long Learning program of the European Government. This sparked Arnout & Iris to start an intimate scale art school in their co-working space. Their remaining co-workers became teachers, and the space became our community based, immersive, studio art school Estudio Nomada.

In 2014 Iris and Arnout added to the nomadic family. They restored a gigantic 1000 square
meter wine farm, situated in the paradisaical
Cava area Penedes. Since 2015 this former wine estate, has been a residency for professional artists called Mas Els Igols. A maximum of 10 artists are welcome to stay and work on
their artistic endeavors.

In 2017 the academy up scaled to a building with a professional exhibition space in a central location next to the Arc de Triomf. Today a maximum of 20 students can study there on a daily basis. Both residents and students get the chance to exhibit work in the gallery district of Barcelona.


Estudio Nómada is an international community of globetrotting artists, that visited Barcelona from over 75 different countries to work, inspire and learn from each other. In our lively studios in the heart of Barcelona or at our beautiful artist residency outside the city. Since 2008 our artists have designed exhibitions in our gallery space and been part of Barcelona’s art events.

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