The art program in Barcelona is located in an old factory complex. The space is one of the hidden gems in Barcelona, a privilege for any art student with imagination and flair for cracks and unpolished details. It is close to the centre but placed in one of Barcelona’s authentic, non-touristic areas.

The premises count three ample outdoor patios: The small courtyard with a greenhouse space for project work, the large courtyard with the turtle pond and several seating arrangements, the back entrance with its lovely atmosphere of a forgotten Barcelona.

In addition to large areas with personal studios, we offer several workshops (welding, woodwork), a kiln, class rooms and project spaces. For specific projects like painting on grand scale, installation building, photo shoots or video projection, students can book additional space to work in.


The program contains a wide range of classes in different tools and techniques including clay sculpting, welding, screen printing, installation, performance, as well as a weekly session of life-drawing. All classes are taught in English.

All tools and techniques workshops are optional, and when not in class, students work independently in their studio spaces.


Our students get insider’s access to galleries and cultural institutions all around the city. With the help of our faculty of acclaimed artists and curators, the aim is to teach our students to formulate their ideas and talk publicly about their art.




Creative people with various backgrounds and objectives join the academy, from artists to doctors, from designers to engineers. We are all joined by an interest to find a path that embraces their creativity.


Our Nomads generally are:

• Looking to develop their portfolio
• Wanting art to be more prominent in their lives
• Students doing an internship in Barcelona
• Artists wishing to refine their work

Nomads around the globe

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