In the school all is focused on the production of art.
Our studio space is in Trafalgar Street 55 in the new gallery district in Barcelona. This street divides the modernistic
Eixample and the popular ancient Borne, and is 50 meters
from the Arc de Triomf and Ciutadella park. We are located
in the heart of Barcelona, close to supplies, art galleries and museums to inspire.


  • You will have your own studio space 420 m2
  • Work among maximum 20 artistic nomads
  • Your own key and 24 hour access
  • Everyday you will have classes lead by artists
  • A weekly tutorial with you personal mentor
  • Regular reviews to optimize artistic growth
  • Exhibitions of your work in our exhibition space 100 m2



The art programs at Estudio Nómada are intense, exciting and a good way to develop your creative skills and determine which role art plays in your life. The workshops are created by our teachers to educate, inspire and to help generate ideas to later pursue in your art practice. You will be given the freedom and support to help you find, understand and develop your ideas, in an immersive learning environment.


The July 2019 summer crash course will be shaped around the theme 'King of Trashtopia'. In our times people are floating around the world desperately in search for a place to live. Simultaneously plastic finds it's way to clump together in our oceans vortices forming unclaimed islands and ignored waste lands. Can these great manmade tragedies give direction to divide and use our planet?

All creative spirits, artists, philosophers, environmentalists, engineers, architects, and designers are welcome to join us in our Barcelona art school for the month of July. Our approach to the theme is very open, all artistic ideas are welcome! On the 25th of July, your ideas will be exhibited in our gallery and show the views of a new artistic generation.

Dates: 1-26 July (exhibition on 25 July)
Price: €970 (optional Spanish classes, 2 x 2 hours/week for €90 extra)


Estudio Nómada is a studio based art academy. Creative people with various backgrounds and objectives join the academy, from artists to doctors, from designers to engineers. We are all joined by an interest to find a path that embraces their creativity.


Our Nomads generally are:

• Looking to develop their portfolio
• Wanting art to be more prominent in their lives
• Students doing an internship in Barcelona
• Artists wishing to refine their work
• Artists seeking to improve entrepreneurial skills

Nomads around the globe

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