For artist of all different levels we offer educational programs in and around Barcelona capitol. The past 11 years we have been dedicated to guiding art students from gap-year students to post-graduates to professionals in the arts and other creative industries. You can contact us for the best options within our network.

Aspiring artists

For aspiring artists we offer a stay in an international art school in Barcelona city. The program is studio-based and has a large focus on creating your art in your own studio space.  The program is open to all people seeking to improve their artistic skills. It is ideal for you if you:

  • are taking a gap year to prepare to access art schools
  • want to find out if you want to continue in the arts
  • want to give art a more prominent role in your life
  • are considering a career change towards a creative lifestyle

The program offers classes of all sorts like sculpting, welding, screen-printing, performance, life-drawing. You will also learn to develop your ideas and concepts and to understand how to keep your practice going after studying. You have access to you own studio to work on your projects all hours that you are not in class. The classes are taught in English.

A very important extra is that you get access to galleries and art organizations around town through our broad network. This way you learn about your place in the cultural labyrinth of Barcelona.

Post graduate / professional artists

For more established artists we offer in house programs in artist residency Mas els Igols. in a self-directed living and working art oasis you get guidance in how to present yourself to galleries, festivals, fairs, etc. The program is focused on creating ways to approach the art market and make your life as an artist sustainable. We are open to receive artist that:

  • finished art school or work as a professional artist
  • studied and/or worked in another creative field (design, architecture, audiovisual, etc.) and want to change their paths towards the arts
  • are seeking to reintegrate into their artistic practice after a period of working outside of the arts
  • are ready for an exhibition in Barcelona

Workshops / short term

Many groups of students, friends and art lovers have done workshop with us on various locations. These activities vary from half a day up to a month. From charcoal making, to Picasso painting, from Urban graffiti to land art installation classes, from brainstorm sessions to alternative weddings(!), in and out of Barcelona city, with or without food. Please contact us for any ideas, we would love to think with you about the best activity for you and your group.



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