Arnout Krediet

Creative Director, Concept development & Curator

Next to managing Estudio Nómada Dutch linguist, former journalist and captain Arnout gives individual classes in formulating about art to empower students to present themselves better to galleries, art schools and art events. He is a great fan and collector of art documentaries. The many exhibitions taking place in our gallery are often curated and installed by Arnout, who is also the founding father of the school.

Aya Eliav

Drawing, painting, multimedia

Aya is a multimedia artist graduated from Bezalel Academy of art and design in Jerusalem and specialized in painting and etching in the Academia di Belle Arti of Rome. Her work focuses on painting, performance, video and installation. Her recent work was themed on immigration, land, collective identity and mass culture. Aya’s teaching focuses on painting and drawing skills and guiding students to find their own style and concepts.

Darragh Casey

Inspiration classes, artistic & process development

Darragh Casey is an Irish designer, maker and artist. His work seeks ways of challenging our habits, norms and routines. He works in a variety of materials like wood, metal and ceramics and is passionate about blurring the links between art, craft and design disciplines. He gives Inspiration classes, to help students to understand themselves and broaden their understanding of creative practices.

Iris Tonies

Installations, ceramics, printmaking, drawing

After graduating from Art school in Utrecht in the Netherlands, she sailed with her live-a-board sailing ship to Barcelona where she founded Estudio Nómada for traveling artists and students in 2008. Her sculptures and drawings have been shown in various museums and exhibitions in Barcelona and the Netherlands. She gives occasional workshops in ceramics and printmaking in her studio in the artist residency Mas els Igols.

Monique Besten

Mixed media, Performance, Photography and Video

Monique is a visual artist and writer. She works with different medias and her art is often site-specific to incorporate the element of time and space. Her nomadic artist life lead her to run an art organization in the Netherlands and found an Artist Residency in Norway. In her classes she explores serious and playful research on media, science, philosophy and her experience living as an artist, to create curiosity about new ways of expressing yourself.

UB Morgan

3D projects, multimedia, installation

Visual artist U.B. Morgan has been working as an independent artist for many years. His work varies from film making and installations to sculpture. Trash culture, mass production, the position of religion in society, death and reliquaries are central inspirations in his work. His guidance is focused around his knowledge about art and his diverse skills in material use and sculpture making.

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